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Hardware Repair

How Can We Help?

At Manhattan Computer Hospital, we’re capable of fixing Macs, PC’s, and more.  When you bring in your Mac, PC, or Hard Drive, we will start by diagnosing the issue at hand (by running and testing every part of the computer and/or hard drive).  Once we’ve diagnosed the issue, we will contact you about moving forward with repairs.  Diagnosing an issue can take time, depending on what is wrong with the Mac/Computer, and how many steps it takes to figure that out.

Moving Forward With Repairs.

Once we’ve figured out the issue at hand, we will contact you about the cost to repair and estimated time of repairs.  We know how important it is for you to get back your device with all of your saved files on it in a timely manner – so we take every step to insure that your device and its files will be protected.  If we believe there may be a hard drive issue, we recommend allowing us to backup your files to an external hard drive of your choice before moving forward with repairs.

What Can We Fix?

We’re capable of fixing Macintosh Computers, Pre-built PC’s, Monitor Screens, and more.  Not only can we repair these devices, but we’re able to save you money by diagnosing exactly which part is wrong, repairing that part and getting your fixed device back to you as soon as possible.  Whether it is a motherboard issue, onboard graphics, hard drive issue, power supply issue and more – we can fix it.

Upgrade Paths.

You bring your device in, and find out that it’s older and not worth repairing.  We have lots of refurbished Macs, PCs, Laptops and more to help you upgrade to a better solution while also being able to transfer all of your old files, pictures, and data onto a new device.  We carry Macs and PCs that will last for years to come.

We understand the upgrade path isn’t for everyone – but if you find yourself with a device that is outdated, we can still help with data transfer and you may even get cash back on your device depending on age.

Hard Drive Recovery

Getting started with Data Recovery.

At Manhattan Computer Hospital, we know how important your Data is.  Your hard drive most likely has everything from pictures, memories, files, work related files, and more that you do not want to lose.  Our goal is to get you all of these files back, and get your device back to working again without losing any data.

If you’re experiencing Hard Drive issues right now, stop using your device immediately and contact us.  Using the device will put you at risk of losing all of your data.

Repair or Upgrade?

With Hard Drives, if you’ve experience issues and risk of data loss, in most cases we highly recommend upgrading to a new hard drive or solid state drive.  Once hard drives begin to experience issues, repairing them and formatting them is possible but also risky.  Letting us backup your data onto an external hard drive, and doing a fresh OS install onto a new solid state drive is our most recommended and selected upgrade.

We understand the upgrade path isn’t for everyone – we can still help with data transfer and data recovery.

What can we do?

We have specialized tools that allow us to analyze your hard drive from top to bottom (for both Mac’s and PC’s) – all without having to connect it into a motherboard.  This allows us to see what is going on with the Hard Drive in real time, and more specifically, your files.

We’re capable of recovering data on hard drives that are even 10+ years old, but there is no guarantee that your data can be recovered if the hard drive is no longer functioning.  If you have old hard drives or hard drives in a computer that stopped working and you didn’t backup your data, reach out to us today.

Virus/Spyware Removal

Removing the Virus or Spyware.

At Manhattan Computer Hospital, we have the tools and expertise to remove any virus, malware, spyware, or trojan.  Our first step is identifying which files are causing the damage, and then remove those files completely from your device.

As always, we will make sure that in the process of removing a virus or spyware, we will protect your files.

How do I know if I have a Virus/Spyware?

Is your computer running extra slow for no apparent reason?  Do you have pop ups constantly that continue to present themselves no matter how many times you close out?

Do you have programs that you remove, but somehow just keep coming back every time you restart your computer?  These are all signs that you have a some kind of Virus or Spyware.  It’s able to restore itself after deletion, and continue to slow down your machine until you either pay (and even then, it will still hurt your computer) or you get it removed completely.

Don’t pay, bring it to us Today.

Whether you have a Virus threatening to delete files or damage your computer – don’t pay.  Bring your device into us as soon as possible, and we will diagnose the issue for free, and give you the option to remove and repair.

We understand the upgrade path isn’t for everyone – we can still help with data transfer and data recovery.

Data Backups

Your Data is Important.

At Manhattan Computer Hospital, we know how important your data is, which is why we carry tools to backup, restore, and protect your data.  We’re even capable of doing data backups for you over the phone – depending on the device.

Have very old hard drives that aren’t SATA (10+ years old)?  We can backup the data on them as well.

Backups in the Cloud.

Technology and Data today relies heavily on the Cloud.  Your files should do the same!  Let us help you backup all your files, and store them in a cloud service where they will be protected.  The benefit to backing up data in the Cloud, is the security of knowing your files are backed up in multiple places.

Our recommendation is to have backups weekly that go to the cloud – but at the very least, monthly.

Back up your Data Today.

Come see us today to secure your files, and plan ahead in case something happens to your device.

Start A Repair.

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