Laptop/Macbook Repair Services

Your laptop is your daily driver. Bring in your device and we can diagnose any issue you’re experiencing.

Laptop/Macbook Hardware & Software

Laptop/Macbook Screen Repair

Laptop Hardware & Software Repair

Fixing Your Laptop or Macbook.

Your Laptop is your on the go, your work, your school, and your time off.  Being without all of these things is stressful and that’s where we can help.  We provide quality and quick laptop repair because we know how much you rely on your device daily.

We can handle any hardware or software issues you may be having by first diagnosing the problem, and then giving a recommendation on how you should move forward.  In some cases, laptops that are damaged too heavily may not be fixable, but we have plenty of ways to save your data, and get you on a new device will all of your old files.

Moving Forward With Repairs.

Once we’ve figured out the issue at hand, we will contact you about the cost to repair and estimated time of repairs.  We know how important it is for you to get back your device with all of your saved files on it in a timely manner – so we take every step to insure that your device and its files will be protected.  If we believe there may be an issue that would cost more to fix than purchasing a similar laptop, we will recommend that path.

In almost all cases, anything can be fixed but sometimes the cost outweighs the benefit.  No matter what, if you want your device repaired, we can do it.

Software Issues.

Is your laptop sluggish and running much slower than it used to?  We can fix that.  There is a good chance that you have unneeded and unnecessary software slowing down your device.

In many cases, a simple upgrade to a Solid State Drive will make a world of a difference for your device, and we can transfer all of your old files onto the new hard drive.

Upgrade Your Laptop or Macbook.

At Manhattan Computer Hospital, we carry like new refurbished laptops, computers, and more.  If you’re in the market for an upgrade, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg getting a new laptop, consider checking out our stock and seeing if we have the right device for you!

We can guarantee all of our devices are in great working condition – and even provide a lifetime warranty for any issues that may come up.

Laptop Screen Repair

Fixing Your Laptop or Macbook Screen.

Fixing and repairing your laptop or Macbook screen is one of our most common fixes here at Manhattan Computer Hospital.  We carry an array of extra parts and screens to minimize your downtime and repair your device as quickly as possible.

In the case that we don’t have the screen you need, we can special order the part and have it shipped very quickly to start your repairs right away.

Screen Repair Process.

Our process is pretty simple!  Just bring in your device (or even give us a ring first) and we can give you an estimate of time to fix, and provide you with a quote.  If we have the screen on hand (like we do with most Macbooks) the repair time will be quick.

We will keep you up to date on where your device is at in the repair process, and give you call as soon as the repair is completed and your Macbook or Laptop is ready for pickup.

Repair or Upgrade?

Depending on how old your laptop or Macbook is, repairing and fixing the screen may be less cost efficient than upgrading to a new or used laptop or Macbook.  We will give you a quote, and provide guidance on what we advise.

Start A Repair.

Simply fill out the form to start a new repair ticket with us.  Bring your device in at your convenience and we’ll get it repaired.

  • Give us a brief description of your issue. If necessary, describe it in detail.

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